Future Developing

To do list

  1. iframe x qgisweb
  2. write/read talkingstory objects to/from db
  3. Save Button triggers both save to local storage and db
  1. TABS will be:
    • Options [general + text(main) + text(floating) + … ]
    • Map (floating) TODO!!!
    • Map (main)
    • iFrame
    • Qgis2Web iFrame
    • Image / video (+ image animation/transitions)

How to contribute

feel free to contribute to the project


  • Logo/Title option Display/hide for each slide >> all options should refers to each single slide
  • CKEDITOR inline editor only! >> remove textareas and f(x)
  • add story_id in the url
  • on create map >> select an existing map i.e. clone parameters (same fx)
  • remove maps etc.. content on deleting slide (remove also from floating content to do later)
  • populate map parameters when open slide with existing map (same fx)
  • Add - remove - clean layers (wms geojson)